Human Design Permission To Be You

If you are fascinated by self-discovery then Human design may be the perfect system for you 


Human Design

Human Design is a powerful system that can support you to find alignment across all areas of your life from your relationships, to your career, to your overall sense of well-being because it enables you to get to know yourself on a much deeper level…

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Human Design Report

A 75+ paged written report explaining how you are wired to thrive - think of this as your operating manual

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This is a practical session for those looking to learn more about their design and find alignment in love, work and beyond.

A gold foil soul print

A personalised Human Design chart - hand crafted and finished in gold foil

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Powered by NASA data – Human design synthesis wisdom from Astrology, The Hindu Chakra System, The Eastern I Ching and The Kabbala Tree of Life to form one modality outlining how you are uniquely designed to thrive